December 3, 2013-June 3, 2014 

First Tuesday of the Month 7:00pm-9:30pm

Free Indeed Office Boardroom

F.I. INNER CIRCLE SESSION 1 - December 3, 2013

"My Company Owns Me. How Did I Get Here? How Do I Get to the Next Level?"

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Hitting a growth ceiling in business and leadership is inevitable, the actions and mindset that brought you success in the beginning will NOT take you to the next level of organizational maturity. In this first session we examine your systems, your team and yourself and make some decisions about what needs to be changed, implemented or corrected.


 F.I. INNER CIRCLE SESSION 2 - January 7, 2014

"Cash is KING! Confront the Brutal Facts. Are You Leaking?"


We don't just suddenly end up in a cash problem, there are warning signs, lightening in the distance. We need to know our key numbers and never relax when it comes to keeping our finger on the pulse of financial trends. In this session we filter your unique situation through my Financial Freedom Index to ensure you GROW wealth, PROTECT wealth, REDUCE debt and tax consequences and MULTIPLY your savings in a tax efficient way.


 F.I. INNER CIRCLE SESSION 3 - February 4, 2014

"We All Have People Problems...Why Do We Have Them? Why Do We Ignore Them? What Should We Do About Them?"


Great people are your most valuable asset and the wrong people are costing you more than you could imagine. Letting the wrong people hang around is damaging to the right people, they are waiting and wondering if you will see the light. How long will they wait? Our purpose in this session is to build a system for interviewing, training and keeping good people and to ensure your company is not subject to The Three Signs of a Miserable Job - Patrick Lencioni  


 F.I. INNER CIRCLE SESSION 4 - March 4, 2014

"My Head is FULL!" 


Do you capture EVERYTHING that comes at you in a bulletproof system (not your brain)? From managing your calendar to emails, to-do's and even "Honey can you grab some bread on the way home?" This session will revolutionize your personal productivity and free up you and your brain!


F.I. INNER CIRCLE SESSION 5  - April 1, 2014 

"Vision and Values - This is Where We are Going and These are the Behaviours That Will Take Us There."


This is NOT about coming up with a flowery statement that hangs on the wall. In session 5 we clearly isolate where you want your organization to be and define the behaviours and beliefs that are going to get you there. We are going to reveal the heartbeat of your organization.



"Goals are Good - Fairy Tales are Bad."

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What destiny changing goal will you and your team rally all of your energy toward and WIN? In this session we build targets around your hopes and dreams and create a trackable formula to ensure success. After all, unfulfilled goals are only fairy tales.   


F.I. INNER CIRCLE SESSION 7 - June 3, 2014 

 "Now What?" 


Level 1 concludes with the F.I. Business Freedom 100 point diagnostic tool, designed to assess where you are after six intensive months of growth. We focus on bringing direction and clarity for the next part of your journey. We change venues for our final wrap up and meet for a private dinner at a local fine dining restaurant. 


Welcome to F.I. Inner Circle Level One! I would like to congratulate you on taking a step toward freedom. Your F.I. inner Circle experience will consist of 7 months of intense growth and discovery that will include 2 private sessions. You are on the brink of breaking through the glass ceiling and this process is going to equip you to walk with clarity and intentionality into your next stage of success. This rich curriculum has been compiled by and drafted for leaders. I am excited to meet you and get started. LET’S GO!
— Scott